Ruins is an abstract painting that talks about how many civilizations and cities that have been built and inhabited the land its like a time lapse painting that shows the ruins of these cities over and over , the overwhelming cold colors and the use of pallet knife in painting with multiple layers gives the painting a composition of multiple time frames and places in the same areas of the canvas .


First glimpse of Petra

The artist represented a very significant and unforgettable moment every person who visited petra experienced , he represented the first glimpse of petra at the end of the Siq  , after a long walk in the Siq The eye would curiously wonder what is appearing at the end between those rocks to reveal that it is  the glorious city of petra , the choice of colours  and the composition makes this painting very eye capturing and memorable , the painting represents this moment in an interesting dynamic of composition and contrast between the thick dark brown shades with visible brush strokes and the vibrant light blue and white blended colours on the other side


Art and color reflections

 Art and Colors Reflections is a  professional art blog. Art is a form of expression that can be used to communicate ideas, feelings, and experiences. Colors are used to express feelings and create an emotional atmosphere.

By combining the two, the blog aims to showcase the artists' artwork and provide a platform for discussion and exploration. In addition, the Blog „Art and Colors Reflections“ is an indication that the blog is a reflection of the artist's work and the colors used in its creation, which .are about