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The watermelon Palestinian Resilience الصمود الفلسطيني
Width 39.00 cm • Height 27.00 cm
5.00 JOD

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The watermelon serves as a poignant reminder of Palestinian resilience and their ongoing struggle for justice and freedom. Carry the spirit of justice and freedom with you. This watermelon sticker symbolizes the unwavering strength of the Palestinian people. Stick it on laptops, tablets, or books to show your solidarity. Let the world know that their struggle continues. A-side Sticker 15.6 Inch, 14 Inch, 13.3 Inch, 12.6 Inch Suitable يعتبر البطيخ بمثابة تذكير مؤثر بصمود الفلسطينيين ونضالهم المستمر من أجل العدالة والحرية

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